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Molecular kinetics and High Throughput Experimentation

The HTE RU, coordinated by Dr. Angela D'Amora, is an expression of the Laboratory of Stereoselective Polymerizations (LSP) directed by Prof. Vincenzo Busico of the University of Naples "Federico II".


  • catalytic olefin polymerization
  • "classical" Ziegler-Natta, metallocene and non-metallocene ("post-metallocene") catalysts
  • High-Field 13C NMR microstructural characterizations of olefin homopolymers and copolymers
  • molecular kinetic studies of olefin homo- and copolymerizations
  • ex-post and predictive QM modeling of homogeneous and heterogeneous olefin polymerization catalysts
  • novel transition metal catalysts for living/controlled olefin polymerizations, and synthesis of olefin block copolymers
  • application of integrated High Throughput Extperimentation (HTE) and High Throughput Computation (HTC) tools and methods for catalyst discovery and/or screening


  • molecular kinetic investigation of the catalytic reactions ([L-Au (I)-S]X systems) by HTE
  • build a quantitative large database of structure/property relations